Young Global Leader Spotlight – Enock Mwewa

Enock Mwewa from Zambia loves all things nature. He is an Environmental Health Technologist with a strong blend of Climate Activism and Advocacy. He has led and organized various climate focused activities such as clean-ups, trainings, webinars, etc and as taken part in multiple summits as a delegate inclusive of the Young African Leaders Summit in Ghana. Taking the lead on climate has become something he does full time from a passion to professionally.

Enock is the co-founder of Environment Savers of Zambia, a youth led organization that promotes a healthy living through a clean and green environment. The organization has facilitated the recycling of tons of plastic and paper as well as empowered communities to become environmental stewards. Aside from that he serves as the Southern Africa Region Coordinator for the African Climate Reality Project for 2022 supporting climate leaders in the region.

Enock has supported and led campaigns such as the Zero Emissions Campaign which calls on the African Development Bank Group to support a just transition from fossil fuels in Africa. Another instrumental campaign he has been front lining is the tabling of the Climate Change Bill in Zambia which is aimed at providing a legal framework on climate change and environmental impacts.

Keep on Enock!