Message from Our Founder, Emmanuel Addo

On behalf of the Young African Leaders Summit Team, we are excited to welcome you to our third edition of the 2022 Summit.
The Young African Leaders Summit is an initiative/subsidiary of The Young Global Leaders Network (a non-political, non-governmental social enterprise) created to bring together over 800 policy makers, youth in politics and leadership, young entrepreneurs, business executives, professionals, aspiring leaders and start-ups to discuss innovative and new ways of dealing with challenges that African youths are confronted with and various topical issues that pertain to economic empowerment, politics, climate change and entrepreneurship development.

The Summit is focused on African development with focus on youth leadership development, entrepreneurship and women empowerment across the continent.
Our Summit shall also provide the platform for start-ups to pitch their innovations or business ideas and look for business partners and financiers. It shall also encourage and provide the platform for collaborations and partnerships.

Our Theme for our 2022 Summit is, The Africa We Want by 2040; The Future of African Youth.
The Summit shall collate ideas from some of the continent’s finest youth figures and aggregate them into relevant themes able to shape policy on the continent. It is also intended to be a platform for cross-country idea-sharing and assimilation and an opportunity to bridge identity gap that is often perceived to exist within the youthful population of Africa.
I’m happy to announce that this year’s Summit is slated for 18th,19th & 20th November 2022 and shall take place in Nigeria.

This year’s Summit promises to be much more educative, impactful, inspiring, action-oriented, and shall provide a renewed sense of patriotism and hope for the African youth.

Let’s meet on the 18th to 20h November 2022!

Warm Regards
Emmanuel Addo
Founder & Chief Convenor, Young African Leaders Summit